Ultra Plush Yellow Microfibre Towel with Black Edging

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                                      Ultimate Ultra-Plush Buffing Cloth
 Yellow Microfibre Towel with Black Edging

New Product , New colour  Really Soft !

An Excellent Product SELLING FAST ! 
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After extensive testing and customer response, the Ultra-Plush towel was improved even further. It still handles the dirtiest of jobs like a champ and locks dirt away until it's released upon washing. The patented soft microfiber wrapped edge, along with removable tag makes for a truly "scratchless" towel.

Use this fantastic towel on even the most delicate surface without fear of marring or scratching.

Where most microfibre has 200,000 strands per square inch, this has 300,000 and the microfibre is highly refined and looped. It’s positively charged and will attract dirt and dust like a magnet. The pile on one side is slightly shorter, for removing sealants or waxes, and the longer pile side is an excellent option for final buffing.

  • Genuine 75/25 Polyester Polyamide split 
  • Size 60cm x 40cm
  • Color: Yellow with Black Edging
  • 1 Towel
Brand atm
Product Code VMFPGB
Weight 120kg


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