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  • Microfibre Cleaner and Restorer SimplyMicrofibre.

    Microfibre Cleaner and Restorer SimplyMicrofibre.

    SimplyMicrofibre Rejuvenator now includes a 3 oz. measuring cup with every bottle Simply Pour exactly the right amount to clean and soften all your microfibre cloths, towels and tools. One ounce for small loads and two ounces for large loads. We supply Microfibre towels and Cloths in large quantity it is a great idea to purchase simplymicrofibre Microfibre Rejuvianter. Microfibre products can have over 200,000 strands of fibre per square inch, which means they are softer and finer than silk. Regular detergents are not strong enough to completely eradicate stains between each fibre. Pinnacle put their thinking caps on and came up with a specialized formula, Pinnacle Micro-Rejuvenator Microfibre Detergent Concentrate.