Microfibre pet cloths and towels


Want a soft cloth or towel to use on your pet? A microfibre cloth or towel is great to use on animals.

Great for drying wet fur, cleaning mucky feet and as a wash cloth.

You just need a cloth and water no need for chemicals or special pet formulas.

They are very soft and gentle cloths so won’t hurt your pet.

They are great for drying pets as they are super absorbent, absorbing seven times their own weight so you can spend less time drying your pet, great for pets that don't enjoy being dried.

Microfibre cloths and towels attract dirt which makes cleaning your pet faster.

We have a range of different sizes to cater for the little to large pet.

They dry quickly and can be washed 100s of times for the next time you need to use them on your pet.

We use them to clean our puppy’s feet when she comes in from playing outside.