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  • Blue Microfibre Terry Cloth 310 GSM

    Blue Microfibre Terry Cloth 310 GSM

    High Quality MULTIPURPOSE Terry Microfibre Cloth Buy 1 get 1 Free special offer... Microfiber terry is soft and super-absorbent. This amazing fabric can absorb up to 8 times it's weight in liquid in 2 seconds, yet still dries quickly. Brilliant when used to dry cars, clean windows and general household cleaning. Product Details : Plush : 310 GSM Size : 40cm by 40cm Colour : Blue 70 polyester 30 polyamide A great Cloth which is being used by Car Detailers, Hotels, and For Daily Household Cleaning, that is super soft and extremely absorbant. An excellent product available to buy here at simplymicrofibre.co.uk