Cleaning with microfibre cloths and towels

These are just some of the uses of microfibre cloths including:
- Kitchens and Bathrooms
- Vateting and Detailing
- Windows
- Dusting
- Mopping up spills
- Jewellery

Kitchen and bathroom
There are lots of uses for microfibre cloths in the kitchen and bathroom.
They can be used to clean kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces as they work extremely well with hard, non-porous surfaces found in kitchens and bathrooms.
The dirt and grime picked up is not released in till the cloths are washed in hot water.
They can reach into the tiniest of crevices and actually attract girt, grime and dust.
Microfibre cloths absorb fat, oil and grease making kitchen cleaning earsier.
Used by professionals to clean ovens, microwaves and hobs. 
No need to use any chemicals just the microfiber cloths and water.
You can use microfibre cloths when washing up. Use one to wash the dishes and then a dry one to dry the dishes. They are so absorbent (absorbing seven times their own weight).
They are also great to polish faucets, taps and showerheads without using any chemicals. They will remove soap scum and the ring around the tub.
They are available in several colours so you can use different colours for different jobs.

Valeting and Detailing
These microfibre cloths and towels are great for cleaning, drying and polishing cars, we use them in our valeting and detailing businesses.
They can be used on every surface of the car.
They won't scratch your paintwork or surfaces.
Microfibre cloths absorb 7 times their own weight making drying cars quicker and easier.
They are lint free so won't leave material on the glass or paintwork.
You can replace shamies with a microfibre cloth.
Range of sized for different uses.
Available in several colours so you can have a different colour for different products or uses.
You can keep one in your glove compartment for demisting your car.

For streak free clean windows use these microfibre cloths.
No Chemicals needed. Just use a damp microfibre cloth to clean the window and then a dry microfiber cloth to dry and bring out the shine.
Microfibre cloths attract and hold dirt rather than pushing it around the window.
They are made from very fine fibres that are super absorbent that can absorb seven times their own weight.
They won't scratch the glass.

All you need is a slightly damp microfibre cloth to get your house dust free.
The microfibre cloths attract dust as they have a natural static pull so work like a magnet with the dust.
The dust will not be released until you wash the cloth instead of pushing the dust around on your surfaces or having a dust cloud.

Mopping up spills
As microfibre cloths are so absorbent they are great to keep around for mopping up spills. They absorb 7 times their own weight and will then dry quickly.

These microfibre cloths will make your diamonds and gems sparkle and your gold and silver shine.
Super soft on your precious jewellery.
No Chemicals needed just the microfibre cloth. Can be used dry or damp.
These microfibre cloths attract dirt and grime and then hold onto them until the microfiber cloth is washed in hot water.
Make sure to use a clean microfibre cloth that has not picked up grip of abrasive particles that could scratch the jewellery.