Cleaning and caring for your microfibre cloths and towels

Microfibre cloths and towels need washing between uses because they trap dirt and grime in the fibres and these are not released until the microfibre cloth is washed. The warm water opens up the fibres allowing them to release the locked in dirt and grime.Microfibre cloths and towels will last a long time if you know how to take care of them. They can be washed 100’s of times and still stay as soft and as absorbent from day one.

Machine washing
Just pop them in the washing machine at up to 60 Degrees Centigrade with Liquid detergent and No fabric softeners and it with come out good as new (ensure you use liquid detergent and not powder as this will damage the cloth and cause the cloth to scratch surfaces).

Hand washing
Wash with warm soapy water and then rinse with running water.

Any microfibre cloths and towels that have been heavily soiled or been used with harsh chemicals should be washed separately to your other microfibre cloths.

Drying microfibre cloths
One of the great things about microfibre cloths and towels  is that they dry really quickly so all you really need to do is hang them up to air dry and they will be dry in no time. If you want to dry them in a tumble drier use a low heat as heat can damage and shrink microfibre cloths.

Microfibre glass cloths do not dry as quickly as microfibre cloths. 

You may want to wash your microfibre cloths and towels before using them the first time to remove any stray fibres.