AutoGlym HI-Tech Microfibre Cloth

Put a Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre in the glove box and keeping the interior dust, grime and film free becomes easy. The cloth is designed to be used dry, avoiding the need to carry products or wet wipes which you need to dispose of.
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The Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth has been chosen for its excellent absorbency combined with a very slick action to make any job even easier. 

The cloth can be washed and used over and over again.


  • Apply Super Resin Polish or Ultra Deep Shine with a good quality cotton stockinette.
  • Buff off with a similar material.
  • Follow with a light buff using the Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.  This will impart a perfect, smooth, even, deep gloss, free of any dusting or streaks.

The Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth will also double as a duster with amazing results.  Use to dust dashboards, fascias, seats, door trims and other interior features and fittings.  Also suitable for cleaning stubborn film from the inside of windscreens.

Brand AutoGlym
Weight 1kg


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