10 reasons to use microfibre cloths and towels

1. Microfibre cloths have so many uses.
You can use a microfibre cloth:
-In the kitchen
-In the bathroom
-On windows and mirrors
-On your car
-Mopping up spills
-With your pets
-As a wash cloth

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2. Microfibre cloths absorb 7 times their own weight
These cloths are so absorbent they will absorb 7 times their own weight. This means that surfaces can be dried quicker leaving no streaks or water spots.

3. Microfibre dries quickly
Microfibre cloths dry around four times quicker than other towels.

4. Microfibre cloths require little or no chemicals to work
Microfibre has natural static pull so can clean most surfaces without cleansers or much water.

5. Microfibre traps dirt, dust and grime
They attract and hold dirt rather than pushing it around and dispersing it. So you have much cleaner surfaces. The dirt and grime is then not released until they are washed in hot water.

6. Microfibre can reach into the tiniest crevices
With fibres that measure less than one denier they can get into tight spaces to clean.

7. Microfibre doesn’t scratch
Microfibre cloths are not hard enough to scratch surfaces unless they have retained grit from previous use. Sensitive surfaces such as LCD and plasma screens can be damaged by using a microfibre cloth which has picked up grit or other abrasive particles during use.

8. Microfibre cloths absorb fat, grease and oil
Microfibre cloths absorb fat, grease and oil, great for when cleaning in the kitchen. The fat, grease and oil are then not released until the cloth is washed in hot water.

9. Excellent for “green cleaning”
The cloths can be used 100’s of times and little if any chemicals are needed making these microfibre cloths green cleaning cloths.

10. Lots of different sizes to choose from
With lots of different sizes of cloths and towels you'll be able to find one that will be best for the job.